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Find Mobal call rates and coverage maps for 190 countries.

Choose your country, choose your Mobal Phone, choose your Mobal SIM Card.

At just $29, it is easy to afford the Mobal World Phone to use just for foreign travels. Because there are no fees other than for your calls, it doesn't matter if you travel every month or just once a year.

Another savings: your Mobal SIM Card will never expire -- your Mobal service is yours for life. Every time you travel in the future your Mobal phone will go with you, whether you travel once a month, once a year, or even once every 10 years!

Another advantage: Incoming text messages are FREE!

Find call rates now! Choose your country, choose your Mobal Phone, choose your Mobal SIM Card.

Visit Mobal World Phone to choose your Mobal Phone and your Mobal SIM Card package.

Once you get your Mobal phone number, you keep that same phone number for life.

You only pay for calls you make -- AFTER you have made your calls and ONLY while your Mobal service is in use. While your Mobal service is in use, your credit card will be billed every 15 days, or every $100, whichever comes first.

When you finish using your MobalWorld Phone, and all your outstanding calls have been billed, you will have no other charges until you need to use your Mobal World Phone again on your next trip.

You can call English-speaking customer support -- FREE -- from your Mobal WorldPhone if you ever have a problem, and you will receive your answers in plain English.

Use the Mobal World Phone Call Rates Search Box now to find call rates and coverage maps for the countries where you will be traveling. It's simple and quick to find the best Mobal calling rates:
  1. Select your country.
  2. Review the call rates and the phone technology.
  3. Review rates for incoming calls, national calls, and calls to the USA and Canada.
  4. Review the rates to call Mobal World Phones, and calls to other countries.
  5. Review the rates for outgoing text messages and incoming text messages.
  6. Finally, choose your Mobal phone and start packing!
Call Quality is Mobal's #1 Priority

Mobal values your call quality as their top priority. After all, if your phone has problems when you need it most, what's the point in having a phone at all?

Even though Mobal call charges are higher than other international cell phone services, Mobal offers the easiest to use and the highest quality service to guarantee that when you need your phone most, it will have the best chance of working!

To do this Mobal has to use a more expensive system. Other services offering cheaper call rates can only do so because they have taken short-cuts with call quality or "ease of use." If you want the worry and the hassle taken out of using international cell phones, you need to choose the Mobal World Phone!

Mobal Communications Services is highly recommended for B2B users, corporate jetsetters, small-business owners, worldwide globe trotters, casual overseas vacationers, and celebrities and entertainers who would like the use of a mobile phone without paying roaming or monthly fees.

Mobal is recommended in major media such as Time, Frommer's, About, INC., Budget Travel, The Wall Street Journal, MSN,, The Oregonian, The Travel Insider, SkyMall, and by thousands of Happy Mobal World Phone Customers.
"I used my new Mobal World Phone on a two week trip to six countries in Europe. It worked perfectly everywhere and was well worth the price even for this one trip."
-- Michael Neustadt, Mobal Customer
Not all World Phones are alike

Be Advised ... Most other world phones use a complicated and often unreliable dialing method called a "Switch."

Basically, it means you cannot directly dial the number you want to call. Other world phones use a system of dialing where you must first call an access number, then follow instructions to dial the number you actually want. Then you have to hang up and wait for the system to call you back. Finally you should be connected. This dialing method not only makes it complicated to place a call, it can also have a dramatic effect on the quality of the call since it relies on an extra technology layer in the middle.

With the Mobal World Phone you get none of these problems -- you simply dial the number you want and you're automatically connected, just as if you were using your phone at home.
"I have used my Mobal phone on 6 different trips that I've made overseas in the past 2 years. On each occasion it has behaved impeccably. Sure, the rates are higher than some. However, it also has much better coverage than other options and the phone 'just works'. Also, you don't have to learn how to dial using callback - like you do on the cheaper providers. I've used the cheapies before and the call quality was poor and quite often dialling wasn't successful. I for one, am a Mobal fan and I recommend them to anyone."
-- Paul Whitehouse, Mobal Customer
Mobal World Phone gives you crystal clear call quality by automatically using whichever foreign network in the area has the strongest signal. This technology provides you with the best call quality available -- wherever you travel, GUARANTEED! Other International Cell Phones DO NOT give the same crystal clear call quality.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not totally delighted with your Mobal GSM World Phone for any reason, return it within 60 days for a full, prompt, no-hassle refund.
"I never thought in my dreams that I could come across a deal like this, it is amazing! Before I got my Mobal World Phone I would get crucified by the hotel phone rates."
-- Cedilio Ensley, Mobal Customer
Use the Mobal World Phone Search Box now to find call rates and coverage maps for the countries where you will be traveling. Simply choose your country, choose your Mobal phone, and choose your Mobal SIM Card.

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