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Own a Mobal international cell phone for life and only pay for the calls you make: No contract, no obligation, no monthly access charges, no fees, no hassles. Mobal is a convenient communication service that makes any overseas travel experience hassle-free. Use Mobal Cell Phones in 190 + countries.

Review Mobal Call Rates & Coverage Maps before departure.

Mobal GSM World Phone . . . Buy a Mobal GSM World Phone and make and receive calls in 190 countries. Keep the same phone number every time you travel. No monthly access charges. No minimum usage requirements. No fees. No hassles. Cheaper than renting. Own an international cell phone for life; only pay for calls you make. Choose Basic, Classic, or Smartphone Deluxe phone option. Mobal GSM World Phone
Mobal GSM World SIM Card . . . Order your Mobal World SIM card which works with GSM phones of all frequencies. Get all the benefits of the Mobal GSM World Phone with your Mobal GSM World SIM. Your International GSM SIM card works in 190 + countries with one lifetime cellular phone number (very smart). Be sure to check that your current GSM cell phone is not SIM-Locked. Mobal GSM World Sim card
Mobal Iridium Satellite Phone . . . The Mobal Iridium Satellite Phone is 98.1% guaranteed to keep you connected in areas without cell phone coverage. So, if you are traveling to areas where there is little or no cellular coverage, Mobal can supply you with an Iridium satellite phone that will allow you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world. Satisfied Mobal Satellite phone customers include: Microsoft, U.S. Army, among others. buy Iridium Satellite Phone
Mobal Emergency Cell Phone . . . If you bought the Mobal World Phone for emergencies only, and never needed to make a call, it would never cost you anything! Simply put, your Mobal World Phone would always be there ready for you to use if and when you ever needed to make that unexpected emergency call, whether you are traveling to your grocery store or flying around the world! Emergency Mobal World Phone

Mobal Reviews, Heartfelt Testimonials, and Sincere Recommendations

"As a CDMA user from Verizon, I had to rent a phone and paid $4 a day and $2 roaming charge to be able to communicate with my key contacts. After investigating and reading the recommendations from the leading magazines and web reviews, I decide to go for Mobal.

Not only it is economical, it also brings a lot of convenience to me. I do not have to buy a sim card and worry about the unused minutes waste. I also saved the rental fees because I own the phone instead of wasting money on my rental.

I highly recommend this service."

-- Jason Tu
Think Mobal's International Cellular and Satellite Service seems too good to be true? Read what the media and other satisfied customers have to say. Read more Mobal reviews and testimonials.

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