Save Money on Cheap International Calls

Save money on cheap International calls!

Rebtel offers cheap International long distance phone service.
Rebtel works on landlines and mobiles. No fees. Save now. First call FREE!

Free International Calls? Yes! Rebtel allows you to make low-cost or free international calls to any country while saving you up to 95% on your international calls. Rebtel has apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Rebtel's online calling service works with any other phone, landline or mobile. Rebtel's smart routing solution automatically connects calls with the best possible quality. Get your 1st call FREE with Rebtel

Rebtel Cheap International Calls

Discover how to save money on international calls with Rebtel:

With Rebtel, you can call abroad at some of the world's lowest rates, make free calls and send texts to millions of Rebtel users.

Rebtel saves you money on international calls with no commitment. Your first call is free so you don´t need to pay a cent until you've tried the service. Try dial-direct, VoIP, or make free calls to more than 50 countries. Get started in 30 seconds!

You can use any phone to call for less with Rebtel. Simply create a local access number and call abroad at Rebtel's incredibly low rates.

You get crystal clear voice quality. You can call using WiFi, 3G or local access numbers with no dropped calls or bad connections. Rebtel works on any phone.

Recently, Rebtel has lowered call rates to many countries. Listed below are only a fraction of the countries offering remarkable savings for your calls abroad.

  • Call Cuba 20 minutes for $5

  • Call Bangladesh from only 2.5¢/min

  • Calling Ethiopia? . . . Get this Welcome Offer for new customers ... 75 minutes!

  • Unlimited Calls to India for only $10/month!

    Rebtel Customer Review:

    "This app is so easy to use, it syncs with your phone (for people using it on their iPads like me) so all your calls and numbers are available. LOVE IT!"
    — Sacha Karsenty, Paris, France

  • Rebtel Customer Reviews:

    "Cheap, good quality, simple. It is the cheapest way to connect people around the world. Especially land-line service quality is wonderful. Thank you Rebtel. I always recommend people to use Rebtel."
    —Gokhan, October 23, 2014

    Depuis que j'utilise Rebtel j'économise en moyenne $25.00US par mois. Je téléphone tous les jours en République Diminicaine depuis le Canada. La communication est claire, rapide et sans interuption. Merci Rebtel ne me rendre la vie facile!
    — Pierre Lanoux, Trustpilot

    "Good quality and exceptional service. International calling is no simple affair, but Rebtel makes it a lot easier! The app is easy to use (well designed and fast), the calling options are many (even if you don't own a smartphone Rebtel is rather handy), the prices are good, even for the most obscure countries and the quality is amazing."
    — Maria Kursch, November 18, 2014.

    "Pour moi c'est le top de top car j'économise beaucoup plus qu'avec une carte à code que j'utiliser avant merci rebtel c'est unique comme applis."
    — Samba Sacko, Google Play

    "I'm from the UK and live in Spain. Rebtel has saved me, my friends, and my family a lot of money. No more inconvenient, sit-by-the-computer waiting for Skype chats! We can talk on the phone via our mobiles when we are out and about. And the SMS service is fantastic!"
    — Lydia Giner, Valencia, Spain

    "Rebtel est un outil très très efficace qui permet de téléphoner à des prix très avantageux. Rapide faible et efficace je continuerai de le recommander à mon entourage."
    — Maria, France

    "I would like to say Thank you for the best service you guys provide! I've used other services in the past but nothing compares to Rebtel!! it's easy to use, cheap rates, excellent quality calls, It provides different ways to make calls, over the internet 3G/Wifi using the application on your phone and has the best support team! I've referred friends to use Rebtel and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who makes international calls!"
    — Addis B. Getachew, United States

    "Rapide et efficace. Grand bravo! L'application est claire et simple à utiliser."
    — Woijo, App Store

    "One of my colleagues introduced me to Rebtel. I was skeptical using it but then I decided to try with a small amount of $10; not much to loose in case it didn't work... But then what a surprise: quick and efficient connection, clear sound and very cheap and economical. I still wonder how is that possible!"
    — Theodore, November 12, 2014

    "Super service, la voix nette et claire comme si ton interlocuteur est proche de toi, et je recommande REBTEL a mes amis et mon entourage."
    — Med El Kaouli Chatr, Kanada

    " Nice system to make low rates phone calls. The app Rebtel for Android OS is very usefull and let anyone to make phone calls at very low rates (plus local rates), with phone line quality!!! "
    — Gianluca, November 11, 2014

    "Las llamadas tienen muy buena calidad y se escuchan perfectamente como si estuvieras hablando de frente con la persona."
    — Ivon, Estados Unidos

    "50% cheaper than Skype!! Definitely the best voice quality for international calling on 3G and Wifi out there right now. Better quality than Viber!"
    — Kartikey Patel, United States

    "Bonne application J'utilise Rebtel depuis quelques mois déjà et je trouve très efficace en terme de connexion,tarif Le SAV est très réactif et compétent. je le conseille vivement pour ceux qui effuctuent des appels longues distances De plus l'application est ergonomique. Chapeau bas. Je suis conquise. "
    — Suzanne Fanta, Google Play

    "So fur, I've had Good experience with Rebtel. No hassle, calls go through clearly. I like the fact that there are no phone conversation interuption when you run out of credit but instead Rebtel automatically extends (recharges) your credit limit using credit card on file. Great service! Keep it up! "
    — Robinah, October 11, 2014

    "Con Rebtel, puedes decir Mas te amo al dia, todos los dias. Estoy encantada con lo economico que resulta hablar con las personas que amas y sentirlas tan cerca!!"
    — Lilian Berardinelli, Suecia

    "The call quality is the best. Its clear and a great connection. also when you put the number on the website (country code, city code, and phone number) they give you a local phone number to dial instead of all those numbers. Its great! Makes my life easier cause i don't have to worry about all that stuff. "
    — Mattiuex, Paris, France

    Pay only for the time you talk!
    Pay only for the time you talk: Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees. Try Rebtel Today!

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