Use 1-800 International Access Numbers to dial around the world.

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Use 1-800 International access numbers to dial around the world

6 quick and easy steps to save money on your International calls:

  1. Click the banner above, then choose the countries you are calling from and calling to.
  2. To save the most money, choose a dial around plan with no surcharges and no fees.
  3. Sign up and save with your chosen discount Dial Around Calling Card Service Plan.
  4. Grab your 20% off at Sign-Up.
  5. Dial the 1-800 International Access Code delivered to your email inbox.
  6. Dial the International phone number of the person you want to talk to.
Listed below are only some of the 800 numbers you will need to make cheap International prepaid long distance phone calls from your country of residence.
To call from Australia dial 1-800-355-298
To call from Austria dial 0800-500-132
To call from Brazil dial 0-800-892-3889
To call from Bulgaria dial 00-800-110-4935
To call from Canada dial 1-800-796-6235
To call from China dial 10-800-713-0654
To call from Colombia dial 01-800-518-3539
To call from Dom Rep dial 1-888-751-8376
To call from Germany dial 0800-000-2272
To call from Guam dial 1-800-394-9515
To call from Ireland dial 1-800-515-214

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To call from Malaysia dial 1-800-807-022
To call from Mariana Isl dial 1-800-396-1264
To call from Mexico dial 01-800-054-0031
To call from Panama dial 00-800-226-1415
To call from Portugal dial 800-805-074
To call from Puerto Rico dial 1-866-303-8535
To call from Spain dial 800-007-164
To call from Taiwan dial 008-0112-6562
To call from UK dial 0800-358-7120
To call from US Cont dial 1-888-783-6569
To call from US VI dial 1-800-396-9145

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If your country of residence is not listed above, be sure to review the Country List of ALL 1-800 International Access Numbers.

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