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Phone Card Mall offers the following International & Worldwide phone dialing services:

011 international country dialing codes, AT&T international country access numbers, world traveler access numbers, 1-800 dial around the world phone numbers, 011 worldwide Callback service, country abbreviations list, virtual disposable phone numbers, call US numbers from abroad, and Global Call Forwarding services.

How do I make an international phone call from the United States or Canada?

Dial 011 + country telephone code + city code (if required) + local telephone number. Review all International Telephone Country Phone Dialing Codes.

Dial 011 International Country Telephone Code Listing
Cell Phone Dialing Codes

Discover how to use cell phone dialing codes to call International mobile phones and wireless devices that terminate to International mobile services @ Cell Phone Dialing Codes.

Cell Phone Dialing Codes
Calling to and from Mexico is easy and affordable with high quality dialing services!

Review the table for the Mexico City Codes, Area Codes, Phone Codes you need to complete your calls. Save today! Review the list of Mexico City Codes before your next Mexican call!

Mexico Country Codes
China City Codes - Area Codes - Phone Code - China Callling Codes

Calling to and from China is easy and affordable! Review the Call China City Codes Table for the Area Codes and Phone Codes you need to complete your calls.

China City Codes - Area Codes - Phone Code - China Callling Codes
Virtual Phone Number - Disposable Phone Number - Global Call Forwarding Services

Advertising online? Offline? Use disposable phone numbers from your mobile phone, fixed line, or pay phones. Increase sales with your own local, virtual, disposable phone number call forwarding service and answer calls from anywhere, any time, any city, any state, any country in the world! Review Virtual Phone Number Global Call Forwarding Services.

Virtual Phone Number - Disposable Phone Number - Global Call Forwarding Services
Use World Traveler access numbers to save on calls from airports, hotels, universities.

Review the toll free International Access Number you need to place your calls from 38+ countries around the world @ World Traveler Phone Cards.

World Traveler access numbers
International Callback is a Low Cost International Calling Solution

Callback to and from any country worldwide. Get discount rates with calling card convenience. Review international worldwide callback services @ CallBackMall.com

International worldwide callback service
Calling from one country to another country is easy when you use AT&T access codes.

Review AT&T international country access numbers, ATT country calling tips, and ATT dialing instructions @ ATT Access Codes.

ATT Access Codes
Dialaround 1-800 International Numbers and save!

Dial 1-800 and discover prepaid long distance phone calls with no fee, no switch, low rates, no waits, no call minimum, no hassle. Get $10 free when you sign up @ Dialaround 1-800.

Dial 1-800 international numbers
Country Code Abbreviations List - Handy Reference

Quickly look up country abbreviation codes from A to Z. For example: Afghanistan .af - Mexico .mx - South Africa .za - Zimbabwe .zw   Review complete Country Abbreviations List.

Country Code Abbreviations List

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