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Discover TOP 3 best selling global calling cards

Discover 100s of combinations to call to and from 100s of countries worldwide.

Use the "Rate Search" links to discover your best prepaid global calling rates from the country you are in to the country you want to call. Search worldwide global calling rates for worldwide calling cards and global calling cards.

Worldwide global calling cards are prepaid with cheap calling rates for the frequent International traveler, International student, business person, vacationer, and soldiers to call from almost anywhere in the world.


ATT Global
Calling Card
AT&T Global Calling Card: best global calling rates.
AT&T "Rate Search" Link

AT&T Global Prepaid Calling Card: For calls originating outside USA. For calls originating within USA including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. AT&T phone card features no fees, no taxes, one minute billing and no expiration. Buy AT&T Global Calling Card.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: visitors take 5% off purchases of $40+. Take 10% off orders of $150 - $499.


World Traveler
Phone Card
World Traveler: Call back to the U.S. from more than 38 countries worldwide.
World Traveler
"Rates Search"

World Traveler Card: Call back to the U.S. from 38+ countries worldwide. No fees, no taxes, one minute billing. World Traveler expires 1 year after 1st use. Buy World Traveler Prepaid Phonecard.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: visitors receive 5% off purchases of $40 or more.

Receive 10% off orders of $150 - $499.

Hello World
Phone Card
Hello World prepaid worldwide: best world wide calling rates.
Hello World "Rate Search"

Hello World Prepaid Phone Card: Call from International locations to the United States. Call from one foreign country to another country with PINless dialing, no connection fee, 4 minute billing, no expiration rechargeable card.

15% BONUS on your 1st order.
15% BONUS on your 2nd order.
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