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SpoofCard offers the highest level of phone privacy!

What is Secret Callers anonymous calling service?

Secret Callers SpoofCard is the world's first and only calling card that empowers you—the caller—with the highest level of phone privacy. The Secret Callers SpoofCard anonymous calling service is designed for business, personal and private use.

Remain anonymous . . . like magic, you can make your Caller ID appear with any name and phone number you want.

Remain untraceable . . . like magic, you can easily change your voice from the telephone menu prompt.

These changes increase the likelihood the called party will answer your phone call. (Which is what you want to happen, right?)

How does it work? Users dial a toll-free access number plus their destination number. The user is then routed through the Secret Caller's SpoofCard voice network to their destination phone number.

What about phone records? . . . Subsequently, any available phone records would simply show a toll-free number as the destination number, thereby forever maintaining the highest level of phone privacy. (Which is why you are reading this page, right?)

BUSINESS USE . . . Remain comfortably anonymous
Many businesses and private residences now use a service called "anonymous call rejection" to block calls that do not carry the callers' identifying information. Originally intended to reduce unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers, anonymous call rejection can also interfere with legitimate business.
Make anonymous calls with Secret Callers SpoofCard. Try it for free!

Go to SpoofCard and click "TRY A LIVE DEMO." This will allow you to send a call from your phone or laptop for free.

Go ahead, try it right now!

SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofing

How It Works:

  • Dial Toll Free access #
  • Enter your pin number
  • Enter destination number
  • Enter desired Caller ID #

    Powerful Features:

  • Record your call
  • Change Caller ID
  • Change your voice
  • Web Control Panel

    Easy Ordering:

  • Choose call amount
  • Receive PIN via email
  • Receive Access # via email
  • Recharge call card online
  • Order SpoofCard now!

  • BUSINESS USE . . . Remain discreet
    Business professionals such as physicians, veterinarians, private investigators, law enforcement officers, debt collectors, real estate brokers, insurance agents, lawyers, repossession agents, collection agencies, and many other professionals in all different walks of life can now keep their private lives private by remaining comfortably anonymous when making calls from their home phones and cellular devices.

    Secret Callers SpoofCard anonymous calling service and untraceable phone numbers empower business professionals with the highest level of phone privacy. Police and private investigators have been the biggest fans of the service so far.
    PERSONAL USE . . . Fake your Caller ID
    Fake it! Untraceable phone numbers are popular with online dating site members.

    Fake it! Prevent banks, credit card companies and telemarketers from recording and then later selling your phone number to other banks, credit card companies and telemarketers.

    Fake it! Secret Callers SpoofCard anonymous calling service and untraceable phone numbers empower personal users with the highest level of phone privacy such as revenge, pranks, fun, phone sex and more.
    PRIVATE USE . . . Make truly private calls with SpoofCard
    Women—young and old—have purchased and recharged the largest number of Secret Callers SpoofCard phone cards thus far.

    "Beware the voice." Cheating boyfriends, lying girlfriends, deceptive lovers, unscrupulous partners, unfaithful spouses, people involved in discrete relationships and extramarital affairs, be aware that Call Recording can bust your assets! Beware the voice—the voice—that sounds like the opposite sex!

    Secret Callers SpoofCard anonymous calling service and untraceable phone numbers empower private use with the highest level of phone privacy.
    Attention Secret Callers: As you review the following unsolicited, anonymous SpoofCard customers revealing their stories, you may discover many reasons why you want to use an anonymous calling service yourself!

    "I think Spoof card was an amazing idea!! I love it. Especially when my boyfriend is ignoring me and not answering my calls. Then I call with my spoof card and amazingly enough he answers right away. Then he is in trouble!!"

    "One of my favorite spoof was getting the phone number to a local planned parenthood and calling a friend regarding her "test results"...priceless"

    "My youngest son just turned 16 and when i call him, he does not answer his phome because he knows i will ask him to come home.... so I spoof him, he answers and i get him to come home."

    "I mainly bought because I heard about it from someone at school. I used it to play prank calls on some of my family. Just friendly fun! I haven't told any of them yet beacause that would take the fun out of it. However, I could see this being a good business tool."

    "No real good stories to add. With the recording option, I was able to record my conversations and use that as proof when I caught my wife in a lie... No big deal, but was very helpful. I have never had any issues with this product and love it just the way it is."

    "I love your service. It means the needs I have in a private way in my life and it is very important to me and as you can see I buy a good deal of time. I have two cards for two different services. Please don't ever change your company. i will stay with you forever."

    "Spoofing provides me with the ability to guarantee my privacy with not only protected my caller ID, but also being able to record conversations in which I may need for later use."

    "My boyfriend was avoiding my calls, and would swear he wasn' when he wouldn't answer my calls, I would use spoof card to make it look like a friend was calling him, and sure enough, he answered on the first ring. He was shocked to hear my voice, and to this day can't figure out how I do it!"

    "I ALWAYS catch people lying to me with spoof card. It's a wonderful tool to use. The call recording feature REALLY is wonderful when they think you're full of it and you have the proof right there to put them in their place. :]"

    "Totally satisfied. My ex wife would not answer the phone when she saw my name on her caller ID, so one day when after I called her all day without her answering the phone I finally decided to put her moms phone number in the caller id then she answered 'hi mom'."

    "Nice for calling an 800 number, such as checking your account balance on a credit card or from a bank (they collect and SELL your phone numbers for telemarketing). Also wanted this so that I could make an anonymous call (that looks like a legit call) to a car dealer, check on a price, or other retail store. Think this is just GREAT!"

  • Order Secret Caller Personal SpoofCard online

    "Just tried it calling my home phone its really great to have this kind of technology specially people like myself who work in the health care industry. i dont make calls that much but there are times i need to call client so avoid giving my personal number i have to carry an extra prepaid phone. "

    "I am in sales and I am responsible for all my accounts untill they are completed and paid in full. I had a customer who wouldnt pay me her final bill and every time I called her home or cell she would let it go to voice mail and NEVER return my call. So I decided to call her from spoof card I changed my voice to a girl and I called her home number. The best part is so she answered I typed in her cell phone in on the caller ID so she would answer for sure. When she did I told her I was a collection agency calling for a past due account. SHE FLIPPED but I got my check in 3 days after the conversation! I love this site"

  • Order Secret Caller Professional SpoofCard today

    "We are in the private investigation field in Florida. and we use the service for contacting people that dont want to answwer the phone"

    "I do bail bonds and fugitive recovery and this has helped me catch some of my defendants that dont like picking up the phone"

    "You've helped us put a lot of people behind bars, really bad people. Our organization has used this service as evidence in hundreds of cases now. It's a really great service."

    "I am a licensed Fugitve recovery agent in Virginia, I used spoof card on a fugitive from justice, I called him using his mothers number and told him I was at his mothers house. I told him that if he didn't turn himself in, his mother would go to jail for aiding and assisting a fugitive at large. 20 mins later, I picked him up in front of his mothers home while mom was asleep inside. 20,000.00 in my pocket. great product!!!"

    "I use spoof card for my work in the PI business. It helps me locate people who would otherwise not be located, as well as gain information necessary in my investigations."

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    Gadgets make it easier to lie
    A British survey found many people admit to using cell phones, e-mails, and text messages to tell white lies.
    —NBC's Dawna Friesen reports from London.

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